Project Description

Stacy Klingler

(Class of 2021)

Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House

Stacy Klingler has over a decade of experience translating museum standards and best practices into manageable steps for all-volunteer and minimally-staffed organizations. She is currently the Executive Director of Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House—a unique combination of community center and historic site where the daily question is how to balance community use with historic preservation. In her previous roles in the Local History Services department of the Indiana Historical Society, Klingler was responsible for planning, developing, and implementing programs and consultation services aimed at improving the professional standards and practices of small local history societies, museums and archives. Klingler understands the real life challenges of working in a small organization from her experiences as director or assistant director of three small museums in Indiana and as chair of the AASLH Small Museums Committee. She is the co-editor of The Small Museum Toolkit and attended the Seminar for Historical Administration in 2006.