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Webinar: Are You Ready for Volunteers?

April 4, 2017

Many volunteer programs have existed with little or no formal processes and assessments in place. Often, there is no paid staff member who manages the volunteer program. The result is that the programs are often not well run, translating into high volunteer turnover, anemic buy-in from the organization’s management and staff, and ultimately, low program success. This webinar will address how to plan for a volunteer program at your history organization or how to improve the program that you currently have.




Date: April 4, 2017

Time: 3pm EST/2pm Central/1pm Mountain/12pm Pacific

Cost: $40 members/$65 nonmembers

When you register for this webinar, you’ll get a promo code for 25% off the other two webinars in this Volunteer Management Series: Developing a Successful Volunteer Recruitment Program (Aprill 11) and  Training Volunteers (April 26).



What Participants Said:

“[I liked] the idea that volunteers should be treated more like employees– that is, given structure and responsibility.”

“All the different pieces that need to come together for a successful volunteer program & why things are needed. It supported my thought that my Society is too scattered & disorganized to recruit and retain volunteers.”

“Being able to take away clear points and bring them into discussion with my immediate supervisor for validation of my existing instincts and practices.”

“Format of slides was easy to read, connect to talk. was really helpful to have names and websites of resources spelled out on slides. I liked the inclusion of actual cases as examples – i.e. the digitization project where the youngest volunteer was 72 yrs old. I also really appreciated being able to see the results of the surveys”



About the Faculty:




Bethany L. Hawkins is the Chief of Operations for the American Association for State and Local History.



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