Historic sites are continuously looking for new revenue sources. Commercial filming has the potential to earn additional income and give your site great exposure. However, there are a lot of factors to consider, and guidelines to set in place, before signing the contract. This historic house call intends to provide resources, share do’s and don’ts, and answer questions associated with filming.

Listen in and chat with Jessica VanLanduyt, Historic House Manager at the Atlanta History Center and AASLH Historic House Committee member, as she shares her experience with filming at two historic houses, and provides tips and resources for dealing with all aspects of film shoots. Jessica has supervised two feature film shoots, reality and television shows, an art film, and news media filming. Swan House is President Snow’s Executive Mansion in three of four Hunger Games films, has been featured in The Amazing Race 19, Vampire Diaries, and numerous reality television shows. AASLH Historic House Committee member, Joshua Campbell Torrance will serve as moderator and provide additional insight from his experience with filming.

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