Join AASLH’s Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations (StEPs) now through May 31 June 30 and receive four of our most popular recorded webinars ($60 value) as a gift to jump start your progress towards building a stronger and more vibrant organization. Enrollment is only $175, which includes the StEPs workbook.

StEPs is AASLH’s self-paced assessment program designed specifically for small- to mid-sized history organizations, including volunteer-run institutions. Using the StEPs workbook, online resources, and an online community, organizations enrolled in the program assess their policies and practices, identify goals, and make improvements all while moving closer to meeting national museum standards.

StEPs is the best tool available for building a stronger and more vibrant history organization. StEPs provides the structure for board members, paid and unpaid staff, and volunteers to identify goals, plan more efficiently, and communicate achievements to increase credibility and support. And that translates into an organization that is a valuable asset to its community for many more years to come.

Read what others are saying about StEPs:

Excellent program, comprehensive but easy to apply and implement. I am very pleased.

The StEPs program is an invaluable tool. It’s like an annual physical . . . you find out where you need to make improvements in the future, and it lets you pat yourself on the back for past accomplishments.

Thank you for developing the tool and keeping the cost low so that small museums can utilize it.

The program is divided into six sections that can be addressed in any order. As your organization completes a Basic, Good or Better level, it earns Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates that demonstrate progress and build credibility with your community, stakeholders, and funders.

When you enroll your organization in StEPs this May, you receive free recordings of the following four webinars:

June 14: Deadline AASLH’s Visitor Research Program

June 14 is the deadline for institutions wanting to participate in the Summer/ Fall wave of AASLH’s Visitors Count! gate visitor survey program.

Visitors Count! is AASLH’s comprehensive visitor research program for mid- and large-sized organizations.

In partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Management of Nashville, we work with museums, historic houses and sites to collect feedback and data from the people who matter most—your visitors. Once an institution collects its responses using the Visitors Count! proven survey questionnaire, the data are professionally analyzed and presented in a report that the institution can use to improve its visitor experience, develop marketing plans, make funding requests, and more. More than 195 museums have already used Visitors Count! to collect valuable visitor feedback and data. Learn More About Visitors Count!

The deadline for the 2017 Visitors Count! teacher survey is August 15.

For more information on StEPs or Visitors Count, contact AASLH’s Cherie Cook at or 573-893-5164.