Back in November, nearly 900 of our individual and institutional members completed the 2015 Membership Survey. Thank you! This is the sixth time since 2001 that AASLH has conducted the survey. Over the summer, we will be using the information gleaned from our members to plan for AASLH’s future.

The survey was conducted by Debb Wilcox, the consultant who manages our Visitors Count data. Please note that this is not a scientific survey with random representative sampling. Nevertheless, the volume of responses and comparative questions we have used this time and in the previous survey efforts will give staff and Council a good sense of how members think the organization is performing. As a taste of what’s to come, here are some very preliminary demographic results.


2016 02 05 Primary Function of Member Organizations Graph VC 2015 Member Survey2016 02 05 Budget of Member Organizations Graph VC 2015 Member Survey 2016 02 05 Number of Years in the Field Graph VC 2015 Member Survey