Visitors Count! is now accepting enrollments for the next wave of research. The deadline is January 15, 2016.

Visitors Count! is AASLH’s visitor research program for history organizations. It is offered in partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Management of Nashville (CNM). Too often, institutions simply assume they know what their visitors want. This in-depth consumer research program is designed to help medium to large museums get accurate, actionable data about their visitors.

Once you register for Visitors Count!,  AASLH’s Cherie Cook and CNM’s Debb Wilcox will work with you to create your survey  from  a combination of tried and proven Visitors Count! questions as well as custom questions that focus on issues specific to your museum. To ensure you get as much value from the program as possible, AASLH provides an online orientation session and program handbook along with personal service and guidance throughout your project.

Once your survey is ready, you distribute the questionnaires to people who visit your facility. After data entry, processing, and professional analysis by CNM, your final report is delivered electronically along with tools for interpretation and implementation. An optional but highly recommended one-day meeting is held the following week in Nashville with Cherie Cook and Debb Wilcox, who help you understand your results, benchmarks, key drivers, and priorities for digging deeper. From start to finish, the process takes approximately 10 months.

Museums and historic sites who plan to survey their visitors next spring and summer should sign up for Visitors Count! by January 15 so we can begin working on your custom survey questions. Museums and historic sites located in areas where winter is a significant tourist season will want to contact us sooner so we can tailor your project to include those visitors.

Want to know more about Visitors! Count?

Reserve your spot in the 2016 group now by contacting Cherie Cook at (573) 893-5164 or