The Religious History Community

The Religious History Affinity Group provides a forum in which the history of all faith communities may be shared, understood, and appreciated. Additionally, the group serves as a resource for sharing best practices in research, interpretation, and exhibition of religious history, particularly for those organizations with minimal experience in these areas.

Membership in the community is open to any member of the AASLH community, particularly those with an interest in religious history. The group seeks a broad representation of faith communities, institutions, and geographic locals in order to enhance and diversify its membership.

Raising Awareness

Since the early days of the colonization that would become the United States, religion played a role in crafting the character of both people and places. The Religious History Community works to increase the visibility of the role religion and faith played in state and local history and to provide support to institutions in interpreting and sharing this complex, and often volatile aspect of their past.


The Religious History Community is run by the following committee:

Barbara Franco, Chair (2018-2020)
Independent Scholar, Harrisburg, PA
[email protected]

Karen Graham Wade, Immediate Past Chair (2018-2020)
Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation, Los Alamitos, CA
[email protected]

Petra Alsoofy (2017-2021)
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Dearborn, MI
[email protected]

Gary Boatright, Jr. (2018-2020)
LDS Church Historical Department, Salt Lake City, UT
[email protected]

Lynne Calamia (2018-2020)
Arch Street Meeting House, Philadelphia, PA
[email protected]

Concetta Gibson (2019-2021)
Museums at Lisle Station Park, Lisle, IL
[email protected]

Taffey Hall (2017-2021)
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives, Nashville, TN
[email protected]

Jean Kilheffer Hess (2019-2021)
Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster, PA
[email protected]

Ivy Weingram (2018-2020)
Philadelphia, PA
[email protected]

Eric Lewis Williams (2018-2020)
National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, D.C.
[email protected]

AASLH Staff Contact
Aja Bain
[email protected]

Religious History Resources

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Recent religious history publications from AASLH:

Interpreting Religion at Museums and Historic Sites
Edited by Gretchen Buggeln and Barbara Franco

Interpreting American Jewish History at Museums and Historic Sites
By Avi Y. Decter

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