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The Women’s History Community

The Women’s History Affinity Community is comprised of those who are interested in presenting and encouraging accurate, compelling, diverse, and often controversial women’s history. The affinity community encourages thoughtful scholarship, curriculum, interpretive content, public and educational programs, and shares best practices and strategies for including women’s history in sites and locations of all sizes. The group also strives to encourage and promote women’s leadership in the museum and historical fields.

The Women’s History Affinity Community was formalized in November 2014 after the AASLH Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota. It continues to grow and build a stronger community with its members. As the 2020 Centennial of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment approaches, the affinity community is focused on the creation of a 2020 Values Statement and other resources to provide information and guidance on the commemoration of this event for the field.

The Women’s History Affinity Community is overseen by a diverse committee of professionals who work with AASLH to accomplish the goals and expectations of the group.

Out of the Kitchen

When women’s stories are confined to kitchens or needlework exhibits, we miss opportunities to talk about their range of experiences. Our work promotes and exemplifies ways to better understand and interpret the past of half the human race: women and girls.
The Women’s History Affinity Community challenges ALL sites, not just those named for women, to strive for valuable inclusion of women’s history and experiences. Join the Women’s History Affinity Community and make a commitment to expand women’s stories into all sites and interpretation.

The Women’s History Affinity Community will work to:

Create, present, or foster Annual Meeting activities, keynote speakers, panels and sessions, and networking opportunities that share access to valuable scholarship; provide a forum for discussion of success/or not so successful stories; and highlight local organizations and sites in each Annual Meeting location.Disseminate information to the field through AASLH resources and other blog and listserv forums and similar organizations.

Provide a network that:

  • Encourages individuals and organizations to collaborate on projects around themes relevant to national history such as anniversaries, celebrations, or history month.
  • Fosters mentoring, professional development and strongly encourage young women to strive for leadership positions within their professional organizations.
  • Connects new and updated research in the academic field to practitioners working in sites that interpret women’s history.


The AASLH Women’s History Affinity Community is coordinated by the following committee of volunteers:

Megan Byrnes, Co-Chair (2018-2020)
Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York, NY

Jennifer Krafchik, Co-Chair (2018-2020)
Office of the Senate Curator, Washington, DC

Page Harrington, Past Co-Chair (2018-2022)
Consultant, Alexandria, VA

Rebecca Price, Past Co-Chair (2018-2022)
Chick History, Inc., Nashville, TN

Felicia Bell (2017-2019)
Rosa Parks Museum, Montgomery, AL

Ashley Bouknight (2018-2020)
Historical Research Associates, Nashville, TN

Kelsey Millay (2020-2022)
Women’s Vote Centennial, Washington, DC

Lori Osborne (2016-2020)
Evanston Women’s History Project, Evanston, IL

Kathleen Pate (2018-2020)
Arkansas Women’s History Institute, Little Rock, AR

Rebecca Shrum (2018-2020)
IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

Noelle Trent (2017-2019)
National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN

AASLH Staff Contact
Cherie Cook

Women’s History Resources

AASLH Resources

AASLH has several resources valuable to those interested in women’s history. As the Women’s History Group grows, more resources will be added to this list.

19th Amendment Centennial Value Statement:

Planning for commemorating the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment have already begun at many institutions. In preparation for this important event, the AASLH Women’s History Affinity Committee have written the AASLH 19th Amendment Centennial Value Statement to provide additional suggestions and resources for organizations seeking to commemorate the anniversary.
Read the 19th Amendment Centennial Value Statement. 

2020 Suffrage Centennial Resource Guide:

Read the guide.


Read our blog.



Resource Center:

Browse through Women’s History resources in the AASLH Resource Center.

National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites

The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS) supports and promotes the preservation and interpretation of sites and locales that bear witness to women’s participation in American life. NCWHS offers a variety of resources to aide in the preservation and interpretation of women’s history, that can be found on their website.
Visit the NCWHS website.


The NCWHS has compiled two bibliographies essential to the field:

  • A bibliography of general work in the field of women’s history
  • An annotated bibliography of work on the interpretation of women’s history

National Women’s History Project

The National Women’s History Project recognizes and celebrates the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing informational services and educational and promotional materials.
Visit the NWHP website.

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining the Women’s History Affinity Community, there are two ways to get involved:

  • General Membership: FREE as part of your regular AASLH membership.

General members will have access to all WHAG events at the Annual Meeting, and are strongly encouraged to follow and contribute to our online discussions on the blog, Facebook, and email.

Steering Committee Membership:

Each steering committee member commits to a two-year term and is involved in sharing ideas about women’s history and the direction of the group in quarterly teleconferences; help with planning for the group’s presence at the annual conference; contributing at least one blog per year related to women’s history and/or the field at large; and assisting with recruitment of additional members to the group.
Please contact Megan Byrnes (meganjbyrnes@gmail.com) or Jennifer Krafchik (jennkrafchik@gmail.com) for more information.

How to Join AASLH Affinity Communities

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Institutional members, including partners, must create staff profiles for their employees, volunteers, and board members if you want them to be able to join and participate in AASLH communities. There is no charge for creating staff profiles and no cap on how many staff profiles can be attached to your institution.

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Signing in to the AASLH Membership Center

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