History Crash Course: The American Experience in World War I

This lecture webinar will offer a brief overview of current scholarship on the American experience in World War I, the key challenges facing smaller historical organizations seeking to mount exhibits on the war, some strategies for placing objects in their proper historical context, and ways to underscore the relevance of WWI for American society today.


Date: March 28, 2017

Time: 3pm EST/2pm Central/1pm Mountain/12pm Pacific/10am Hawaii

Cost: Free to all


About the Lecturer:

Jennifer D. Keene is a professor of history and chair of the History Department at Chapman University. She is a specialist in American military experience during World War I.  She has published three books on the American involvement in the First World War: Doughboys, the Great War and the Remaking of America (2001), World War I: The American Soldier Experience (2011), and The United States and the First World War (2000).  She is the lead author for an American history textbook, Visions of America: A History of the United States that uses a visual approach to teaching students U.S. history. She is also a general editor for the “1914-1918-online,” peer-reviewed online encyclopedia, http://www.1914-1918-online.net/, a major digital humanities project.


The History Crash Course Webinar Series is produced in partnership with the Organization of American Historians. We invite you to find out more about OAH by visiting their website here.


Everyday Museum Advocacy

Do your elected officials know how you serve their constituents?  Do you have champions for your organization? Are you prepared in the event legislation or policies are proposed that would adversely affect your museum?

Advocacy involves communicating what your museum does and why it is important. Making advocacy a part of ongoing operations can help build a stronger institution. Staff at all levels, board members, volunteers, constituents, and the many people who value museums can all play a role.  This webinar will cover what advocacy is and why it is important, and, through real world examples, address how advocacy is similar to both donor cultivation and disaster planning. Participants will learn how to do simple things to incorporate advocacy into ongoing operations and also how to engage in field-wide advocacy.

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About the Faculty:

kaw picKaren Ackerman Witter worked in Illinois State government for 35 years in leadership positions in the Office of the Governor, state agencies, and the Illinois State Museum, where she served as Associate Director for 14 years. She has served in leadership roles on the boards of the Illinois Association of Museums and Association of Midwest Museums (AMM), including President of AMM. Leveraging her background in government, she has participated extensively in advocacy initiatives of the American Alliance of Museums. She is a frequent presenter about advocacy at state, regional, and national museum association conferences. Karen is currently a part-time independent consultant, including serving as instructor for the online course Building A Stronger Organization Through Advocacy, starting February 6th, 2017.


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Historic House Call: Risk Assessment in Historic Houses

Historic houses present unique issues in their preservation needs, especially in terms of disaster preparedness. This webinar will explore those needs through a discussion of hazards, risk assessments and evaluations, and mitigation methods – all with a focus on historic houses.



Format: Webinar

Date: March 2, 2017

Cost: Free for AASLH members/$40 nonmembers



About the Speakers: 

Samantha Forsko is the Preservation Specialist at the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA), where she primarily works with institutions and their collections. She conducts on-site preservation needs and risk assessments and assists with preservation and emergency planning. She also develops and presents educational programs and provides technical information to libraries, archives, museums, historic sites, and other cultural institutions.  Since starting at the Center in 2015, Samantha has also been the project manager of the Pennsylvania Cultural Resilience Network (PaCRN), aiming to improve emergency response and preparedness for cultural institutions across the state.

Before joining CCAHA, Samantha worked at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as a collections manager. In addition to providing long-term care for the nearly 200,000 permanent collection objects owned by LACMA, she also served on the Emergency Preparedness Committee, responsible for writing, updating, and training the 300 member staff on the implementation of the institution’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan. She has previously worked as a conservation technician for the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Cascadia Art Conservation Center, both in Portland, Oregon, primarily providing preventive maintenance and care for outdoor public art collections. Samantha received her MA in Arts Management with a focus on Archival and Museum Studies from Claremont Graduate University, in Claremont, California, writing her master’s thesis on Emergency Preparedness in Cultural Institutions.


Historic House Calls are online discussions featuring hot topics for historic house museums. Led by experts in the field, and organized by members of AASLH Historic House Affinity Group Committee, they encourage attendees to join in the discussion.

Webinar: What are the AASLH Leadership in History Awards?


Date: January 10, 2017

Time: 3pm EST

Cost: Free for AASLH Members/Non-members



Have you always wondered what the AASLH awards program is? Do you feel that your organization is too small to win a national award? AASLH knows that organizations across the country do amazing work in the field of state and local history and want to recognize your efforts. Join this free informational webinar to learn about the program and why you should apply, no matter what your budget size. Also get tips for how to put together an award-winning nomination. Visit our Awards page to read more about AASLH Leadership in History awards and see profiles on previous award winning organizations.

Presented by Bethany Hawkins, AASLH Chief of Operations, and Trina Nelson Thomas, AASLH Awards Committee Chair

January 10, 2017
3pm to 4pm Eastern

Preregistration Required


AASLH New Member Orientation Webinar

Are you a new member of AASLH? Interested in AASLH membership? Eager to make the most of your important role in this community? Join AASLH staff for an interactive orientation on the services, programs, events, resources, and networking opportunities available to AASLH members. (Scroll down for more details)


Date: Decemeber 6, 2016

Time: 3pm EST

Cost: Free for AASLH Members and Nonmembers


Full Description of the Webinar:

Are you a new member of AASLH? Interested in AASLH membership? Eager to make the most of your important role in this community? Join AASLH staff for an interactive orientation on the services, programs, events, resources, and networking opportunities available to AASLH members.

As your home for history, we want to ensure you are getting the most value possible from your membership. This webinar will help you become more connected with the AASLH community and find out how we can support your practice of history. There will be plenty of time for any questions about AASLH or our services.

This webinar is free and open to all, but pre-registration is required. A recording of the webinar, slides, and notes will be sent to all registrants after the event.


About the Instructor:

web-headshot-9-200-wideHannah Hethmon is the Membership Marketing Coordinator at AASLH, where­—among other communication and marketing responsibilities— she runs all the official social media accounts. Before entering the public history/ museum field, she worked for eight years doing marketing, copywriting, and sales in the for-profit sector (primarily small businesses). In addition to a degree in English literature, she holds a master’s in medieval Icelandic history, philology, and manuscripts.


Webinar: Historic House Call: Interpreting Servants

Downton Abbey may be over, but interest in the relationships between domestic servants and their employers lives on. Incorporating domestic servants into tours and programs continues to be an engaging way to provide a more inclusive and nuanced interpretation of the past. This Historic House Call will highlight primary source materials that can be applied broadly to the interpretation of domestic service and examples of successful tours and programs. Participants are encouraged to bring questions and examples to share.

Cost: Free for AASLH Members/ $40 Nonmembers

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Webinar: Civil Rights and A Civil Society: Strategies for Community Outreach and Engagement


Date: November 14

Time: 3pm-4:15pm EST

Cost: Free for AASLH Members/ $40 Nonmembers

In today’s world, more and more institutions have to go beyond their traditional boundaries to better serve their communities. In the wake of increased media attention on interactions between law enforcement and African-American citizens, the Nashville Public Library partnered with the Metro Nashville Police Department to develop a diversity education curriculum rooted in the Nashville Civil Rights Movement. The program encourages new recruits, seasoned officers, and organization leaders to examine the ways that their city’s past influences the current social climate. By recognizing a significant need, NPL was able to use their position to provide a much needed service to the communities that call Nashville home. In this webinar, Andrea Blackman from the Nashville Public Library will discuss how their Civil Rights and A Civil Society program has been beneficial to public relations in the Nashville community and how others can create outreach opportunities out of what is happening in their backyards and in society broadly.

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Webinar: What is Developing History Leaders @SHA?

Developing History Leaders @SHA (formerly the Seminar for Historical Administration) is an intensive three week program that presents future leaders of the field with the best practices and ideas of history organization leadership and management.

In this “What is SHA?” webinar, AASLH’s Bob Beatty will lead a discussion with SHA graduates and faculty on the basics of this longstanding leadership program. Is this unique opportunity right for you? How do you apply and how many applicants are accepted? How has this program affected graduates in their careers? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this free informational webinar.

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Webinar: Grappling with Confederate Monuments and Iconography

The tragic shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston last June precipitated a national outcry against the Confederate flag. State leaders in Alabama and South Carolina removed it from capitol grounds. Walmart and other retailers discontinued merchandise bearing the flag. Meanwhile, the controversy expanded to include Confederate monuments and statues. Join AASLH’s Bob Beatty as he moderates a discussion with author and public historian Kevin Levin, Gordon Jones of the Atlanta History Center, and Dina Bailey of the Center for Civil and Human Rights to learn how the field of state and local history can respond.


Webinar: Historic House Call: Keeping History Relevant

The History Relevance Campaign is a diverse group of history professionals posing questions about what makes the past relevant today. The Campaign serves as a catalyst for discovering, demonstrating, and promulgating the value of history for individuals, communities, and the nation.

We believe that history can have more impact when it connects the people, events, places, stories, and ideas of the past with people, events, places, stories, and ideas that are important and meaningful to communities, people, and audiences today.

Join Tim Grove of the National Air and Space Museum and Max van Balgooy of Engaging Places, LLC, as they discuss this important movement, how it impacts historic house museums, and how you can get involved.

This event is free, but preregistration is required.

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