Lonnie Bunch, 2017 Award of Distinction recipient.

AASLH is seeking nominations for our most prestigious honor, the Award of Distinction. This award is given infrequently in recognition of long and very distinguished individual service. Recipients are noted for their contributions to the field of state and local history including their service and volunteerism to the field and/or to AASLH and are recognized nationally as leaders in the profession.

If you would like to nominate an individual for the award of distinction, please submit a Preliminary Nomination by January 31, 2019. Contact Nicholas Hoffman, National Awards Chair, (nhoffman@mohistory.org), or Bethany Hawkins, Chief of Operations (hawkins@aaslh.org) if you have questions.

Past awardees are:

1963 Christopher Crittenden and Ernst Posner
1966 Alice E. Smith
1969 Louis C. Jones and S.K. Stevens
1976 Clifford Lee Lord
1978 A. Russell Mortensen
1980 Edward P. Alexander
1987 Lucile M. Kane
1990 Charles Peterson
1999 L. Thomas Frye
2001 Robert Richmond
2007 Carol A. Kammen
2008 E. Alvin Gerhardt and John E. Fleming
2009 Charles F. Bryan, Jr.
2011 Dennis O’Toole
2012 Robert R. Archibald
2017 Lonnie G. Bunch, III