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Since 1960, history professionals have been sharing their expertise with AASLH members through these clear and succinct how-to guides. Whether you are seeking information on management and administration, interpretation, research practices, preservation techniques, or any other subject related to the practice of public history, there’s probably a Technical Leaflet that will help.

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A subscription to AASLH’s Technical Leaflet series is a benefit of membership. New Leaflets are sent out quarterly inside each issue of History News magazine.

AASLH Technical Leaflets are available in PDF format in the Resource Center. Members can login to download the latest twelve Technical Leaflets at no cost and browse six years of past Leaflets. Nonmembers can purchase Technical Leaflets through the Resource Center for $5 each.

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  • Cleaning House: A Guide to Deaccessioning and Abandoned Property
  • Staying Connected: Developing and Maintaining Emergency Contact Lists
  • Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into Young Adult Programs
  • How to Design Programs for Millennials
  • Museum Management Tune-Up
  • Integrating Science at a History Museum
  • Improving Financial Management
  • Building Better Budgets
  • Not Just a Bunch of Facts: Crafting Dynamic Interpretive Manuals
  • Developing Comprehensive and Conscientious Interpretation of Slavery at Historic Sites and Museums

Check out a recent Technical Leaflet: How to Make a Podcast.

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Technical leaflets should be 3,500-4,000 words in length and include a bibliography or list of resources.