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AASLH is the professional association for history-doers. If you work at a history organization, teach history, are studying public history or museum studies, volunteer at a historic house museum, research and write history in your spare time, or practice local history and public history in any other capacity, AASLH is your community. Members of AASLH join a vibrant network of 5,500 other history organizations and practitioners and enjoy many benefits, including a subscription to History News magazine, access to our national programs, discounts on our extensive online and in-person professional development offerings, and many other benefits ranging from software discounts to networking opportunities. AASLH membership is divided into three basic categories: Individual, Institutional, and Academic. Click an option below to explore the benefits of each membership type.


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“Twenty years ago, someone asked me to join AASLH and I have been a member ever since. History is my life, and history organizations are essential for interpreting and preserving our history. I belong to AASLH to support this fundamental belief. Throughout my career, AASLH has been my continual link to the profession and a lifeline to staff, friends, colleagues, and the greater community of history professionals doing the work I do. If there is one relationship to keep, always make it AASLH.”

Norman Burns, President and CEO , Conner Prairie, Fishers, Indiana

“AASLH is an essential partner in my career and has helped me develop a network of colleagues that support each other through challenges and celebrate each other’s successes. An early professional development experience at Project Management for History Professionals armed me with vital skills to take on big projects and later in my career. SHA was instrumental in my taking new leaps professionally. AASLH provides fundamental resources to professionals and volunteers from organizations of all sizes and it is AASLH’s commitment to museums and historical societies big and small that inspires me to financially support its programs. AASLH’s commitment to providing scholarships and educational opportunities that make history organizations stronger, more relevant, and crucial community partners is essential now more than ever.”

Jennifer Landry, Director of Museums, City of Irving, TX