Are you a volunteer working in a small local museum?  Are you a recent graduate whose degree did not fully prepare you for day-to-day work in a small cultural heritage institution? Or are you a long-term employee looking for a refresher on the foundational skills of your field?

Small Museum Pro! is a professional certificate program from AASLH for people who work, or would like to work, in small local museums. This five-course certificate program provides practical guidance and training on running and managing a museum.

The courses in this program are designed for working professionals and folks who don’t have the time to be full-time students. To obtain a certificate, complete all five Small Museum Pro! online courses, in any order, at your leisure. The Small Museum Pro! Certification provides practical skills and knowledge for immediate use with a program that is shorter and more affordable than traditional in-person classes.

The class topics are:

Registration is now open for the first semester of 2018 courses. Register now for any of the five Small Museum Pro! courses to take the next step towards your career as a cultural heritage professional.