The AASLH Online Conference


Want to participate in AASLH Annual Meeting sessions without leaving your office? The AASLH Online Conference consists of six hot-topic Annual Meeting sessions, re-formatted for an online audience. Each session is broadcast live from the Annual Meeting every year. See slides, ask questions, and interact online with presenters and the virtual audience in these live broadcasts. Then enjoy access to the recordings for six months. These sessions provide real ideas, tools, and solutions to help you do good history.


Low rates and a group log-in option make this online learning opportunity accessible for anyone who wants to improve their practice of history. Watch at home, at your desk, or gather staff members together for a team-building event.


More information about the next Online Conference will be available in the spring of 2019.

Online Conference Schedule

The 2018 Online Conference is over. The sessions listed below were recorded live at the 2018 AASLH Annual Meeting in Kansas City, MO. Recordings will be made available in the spring of 2019, in addition to information about the 2019 Online Conference, which will be streamed live from Philadelphia, PA.

Thursday, September 27


Getting Sexy at Historic Sites

Let’s talk about sex. From physical intimacy to courtship to sex work to changing sexual norms, incorporating the history of sexuality into museums and historic sites allows us to explore questions of societal power, create perspectives on modern sexual politics, and increase audiences. But how can organizations incorporate this topic in a way that is historically accurate and respectful, rather than simply prurient? Join the speakers in a conversation about how to do just that.



Advocating for Collections Care: Both Internally and Externally

This session will explore routes for both external and internal advocacy with a focus on collections care, securing time and funding for preservation initiatives and conservation treatment, and will discuss opportunities for incorporating information about preservation into all institutional advocacy efforts.



A Tale of Two Cities: Building Museums That Are Community Centers, Not Monuments to the Past

Learn from small history museums in two cities that are both developing new museum buildings, both with new exhibition models. Attendees will acquire ideas from the approaches these two museums with limited staff and operating budgets are taking to create thriving inclusive community centers that are not stereotypical historical societies.


Friday, September 28


From the Ground Up: Creating and Building a Culture of Evaluation

How can you go from having no evaluation to creating a culture of evaluation? This session will explore three internal evaluators and how their positions came to be, how they have built evaluation capacity in their museums, consequences of evaluating and not evaluating, and ways to start incorporating evaluation into your own work.



Discovering Truth and Unconscious Bias: A Continued Conversation

How diverse and inclusive is the arts and humanities field in the area of employment, policies and procedures, and programs/activities? This session will be a continuation of the pre-conference workshop, providing training and resources to ensure that diverse viewpoints representing race, ethnicity, culture, disabilities, and sexual identity are integrated and practiced.



From Assumptions to Intolerance: Addressing Visitors’ Misconceptions About Religion

Interpreting religion can be challenging, especially when museum visitors arrive with misconceptions and biases. Following three case studies from institutions experienced in addressing religious questions based on misinformation, the audience will join in, both by questioning panelists and sharing their experiences related to the truth or consequences of interpreting religion.

Registration Rates

Registration for the 2018 Online Conference is closed.  Registration for the 2019 Online Conference will open in the summer of 2019.


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Participants will have free access to all session handouts, online recordings, and other podcasts for six months after the broadcast.