On May 19, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) released an updated list of active museums in the U.S. The findings were significant for the field of history, showing that over half of active museums in America are History Organizations.

With this ground breaking information fresh in our minds, AASLH brings to your immediate attention the work of the National Coalition for History (NCH) – of which AASLH is a proud partner – and its efforts to create a new Congressional History Caucus.

The purpose of the caucus is to provide a forum for members of Congress to share their interest in history and to promote an awareness of the subject on Capitol Hill.

NCH leadership felt it was important for the historical community to be perceived as a resource by Congress instead of just another constituent seeking funding. This effort includes establishing relationships between Members of Congress and historians at institutions in their district.

Recently a “Dear Colleague” letter was circulated by the co-chairs soliciting other Members of Congress to join. The letter explains the Caucus in more detail and outlines its goals and planned activities.

NCH, working through its member organizations, is asking historians and humanities advocates across the country to encourage their representatives to join the caucus.

AASLH is asking all members and professionals in the field of state and local history to contact their representative. Please ask them to join the Congressional History Caucus, and reference the IMLS findings in your message.

Send a message now to your Representative!