Climate and Sustainability

The Climate and Sustainability Community

The purpose of the Climate and Sustainability Committee is to survey current and needed practice to make recommendations to the AASLH Council on how to support and guide the field as it incorporates environmental sustainability and climate work, internally and externally, to reflect standards of responsible stewardship.

Climate and Sustainability Committee

The AASLH Climate and Sustainability Affinity Community is led by the following committee:

Kathy Garrett-Cox, Chair

Margaret Back
Newport Restoration Foundation

Alison Bruesehoff
Rancho Los Cerritos

Marian Carpenter
Conner Prairie

Leo Landis
State Historical Museum of Iowa

Debra Reid
The Henry Ford

Kimberly Robinson
National Park Service

Megan Telligman
Indiana Humanities

Douglas Worts
WorldViews Consulting

AASLH Staff Contact
Eric Morse, Marketing and Sales Manager