Image of a cupcake with green frosting and one burning candleWe’ve just passed an important milestone: it’s the “official” first birthday of the Small Museums Online Community, and it’s the ninth anniversary of the Small Museums listserv.

Anniversaries and birthdays are always convenient reminders to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Whether you’re in rural Arkansas, urban Seattle, or suburban Connecticut, at the SMOC you can share both your experience and your passion for working in small museums.

So…what has the Small Museum Online Community achieved during this first year?

We can thank two groups for helping the Small Museums Committee develop these successful initiatives:

  • The AASLH staff, in particular, Bob Beatty and Terry Jackson, who provide logistical, technical, and motivational support.
  • All of you, whose curiosity, generosity and sense of humor remind us why we love to work in small museums!

Please, take a tour of the Small Museum Online Community so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of the community. And tell us what you think about the Community.

If you like what you see, you can:

  • Join the Small Museum Online Community. If you’re already a member, complete your profile (on the black toolbar under “My Account” – click on “Profile” and “Edit Profile”) so we can learn something about your interests and about your institution.
  • Invite your colleagues (also under “My Account” – click on “Send invites”) so we can expand our pool of great minds.
  • Use and suggest resources. Check out the Link Library and suggest any additions.
  • Ask and answer questions. Feel free to share your experiences, and look for answers from our growing group of small museum problem solvers.
  • Celebrate this work by sharing it with your colleagues.
  • Join AASLH. Let AASLH know that you value this community by becoming an individual or institutional member (or both).

Thanks to all of you for establishing this haven for fans of small museums everywhere!