We have the numbers from IMLS – over half of the active museums in America classify themselves as history organizations. Museums, historical societies, house museums, preservation groups…we all have one thing in common: History.

Mission Memorial Building in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mission Memorial Building in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In a Washington Post article, IMLS’ Mamie Bittner said it best: “We are in love with our history — at a very grassroots level we care for the histories of our towns, villages and counties,” she says.

We need to make sure Congress and Elected officials know this.

AAM’s Invite Congress to Your Museum Week is a big push the week of August 9 – 16. The initiative focuses on getting your US Representatives to your organization so they see how vital a role you play in your community.

Don’t stop there!

If you can not get your US Representative to your site – do not stop! AASLH challenges all our members – museums, historic houses, preservation societies, historical societies – and the individuals who work in them – to invite your state and city representative to work. Call your mayor, city councilmen, or state representative. Think global and act local. Start your advocacy work by making sure your city’s elected officials know about how important you are.

AASLH is after all, about state and local history!

Rebecca Price is Director of Membership, Communications, and Marketing at AASLH.