Last week, the American Association for State and Local History staff gathered for a staff retreat.

In addition to discussing plans for AASLH in 2023, Ashley Bouknight-Claybrooks, our Senior Manager of Professional Development, taught the staff how to make faux pies. Ashley has experience creating faux food for history organizations.

We also reflected on what we’re thankful for in state and local history.

The AASLH offices will be closed November 24-25. Happy Thanksgiving!

Aja Bain
Program and Publications Manager
Cherry Pie

“I’m thankful for the bravery and commitment of folks in our field who know that inclusive and honest history work can only come from an inclusive and honest field that values labor and people. Your tireless efforts are building a better field that will benefit everyone!”

Ashely Bouknight-Claybrooks
Senior Manager of Professional Development
Sweet Potato Pie

“I am thankful for the compassion and sense of community in the public history field. It is beautiful to see so many colleagues and organizations willing to pour into each other to reach a common goal.”

John Dichtl
President and CEO
Cherry Pie

“In the face of censorship, the pandemic, and swarms of other challenges, history practitioners everywhere adapt and overcome. I’m grateful to all these creative and dedicated colleagues and am thankful every day to be in such a meaningful field.”

Bethany Hawkins
Chief of Operations
Fudge Pie

“I am thankful to the many volunteers who keep historic sites, historical societies, and history museums open and sharing local history with their communities. The hours they give on behalf of their organization are impressive, but the love they have for their subjects is even more so.”

John Garrison Marks
Director, Public History Research Lab and Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Sweet Potato Pie

“I am thankful for the history community’s incredible spirit of volunteerism. From community members dedicating time and care to all-volunteer organizations to professionals’ willingness to give back to the field through mentorship and committee service, that generosity enriches the field in countless ways.”

Rebecca Mendez
Membership and Office Coordinator
Cherry Pie

“I am thankful for the passion and dedication history professionals have for the field. Even with limited resources, they always strive to provide great experiences for their guests and their communities. With their work they are keeping history alive for the next generation.”

Eric Morse
Marketing and Sales Manager
Triple Berry Pie

“I’m thankful for the labor of everyone who works in a history organization, whether they are paid staff, volunteers, or interns. I’m grateful for the individuals and institutions that are members of AASLH, and those who support us through sponsorships, donations, and grants. I have no doubt that as we work together to mark the 250th anniversary of the United States in 2026 that our nation will be thankful for our field and the people who work in it.”

Rey Regenstreif-Harms
Senior Manager, Membership and Development
Blueberry Pie

“I am thankful for everyone taking the time to teach, mentor, and encourage the next generation of public history workers in their homes, in schools, and in museums. You all know the challenges that people in this field face and want to make sure that new workers have the tools they need to thrive.”

Madeleine Rosenberg
Pomeroy Foundation Semiquincentennial Manager
“Fruit Pie”

“I’m thankful for the many partnerships powering our field every day. Building meaningful relationships with communities, fellow history organizations, and others takes time, trust, and creativity—and it’s a testament to the history field’s commitment to collaborative and innovative work.”

Eva Young
Professional Development Coordinator
Pumpkin Pie

“I’m extremely grateful for all the love and support that the history community continues to pour into AASLH each year! You all have so much empathy, passion, and drive and it continues to inspire me to work hard each day!”