As small museum professionals, we’re all used to wearing many hats. In fact, some of us joke that you can determine the size of your site by how much plumbing you have or how many gutters you need to clean. While this jack-of-all-trades approach provides a variety of valuable experiences, it can also overwhelm us when we’re forced to learn something new and unfamiliar.

Here at the Small Museum Online Community, you’ll find a list of tools and resources in many areas of museum management. This Resource Library has links on everything you need: from fundraising and governance to collections and community relations.

The Resource Library is up-to-date and ever-changing. For example, one new piece, from the National Coalition Against Censorship, is about dealing with controversy. Another one, from the comprehensive blog Museum Planner, is on institutional planning. A recently-added link to the Visitor Studies Association shows how to enhance visitor experience at museums, zoos, and parks.

By welcoming and incorporating your suggestions, we can all work together to address any need that arises.

If you’d like to share a resource, please post the link to the Resource Library by clicking on the “Submit a Link” button on the Library’s page.