Starting July 1, AASLH will change the dues structure for institutional memberships.  For institutional members renewing after July 1, 2018, the cost of a basic institutional membership will move to a progressive scale, based on the size of an organization’s annual budget.

Our goal is to better serve a larger number of small history organizations, those that make up the bulk of the field and of our membership. Restructuring dues levels for the first time in more than twenty years allows us not only to establish a more equitable model, but also helps bring AASLH’s dues closer in line with those of other associations.

Additionally, these changes will also grow AASLH’s capacity to meet the needs of a dynamic and diverse field. Restructuring our dues enables us to provide expanding professional development and other resources to the staff and volunteers of our institutional members.


See the new institutional membership dues structure here.


How does it affect you? 
Moving forward, institutional members with the smallest budgets—those under $50,000 per year (about 25% of the AASLH membership)—will see their membership dues lowered, paying $20 less than the current cost. Those with budgets between $50,000 and $250,000 (another 25% of our membership), will continue at the current rate of $118 per year.

We are asking institutions with larger budgets to pay more; you can find out where your institution is situated on our membership page.  As always, institutional members can extend the benefits of membership by signing up their staff members, allowing them to take part in the professional development, training, and other resources AASLH offers.


What else is changing? 
We are also transforming our higher-level membership options for institutions that are able to make a greater annual contribution to the association and are interested in enhanced membership benefits.  After being set in 1995, dues levels in our upper-level categories fell behind the rate of inflation long ago. Moving forward, we will maintain three upper-level categories—Partner ($1,100); Premier Partner ($3,500); and Platinum Partner ($10,000)—each of which comes with additional benefits.


What about individual memberships? 
Individual memberships will remain the same.


Anything else I should know? 
While our institutional membership dues structure is changing, our commitment to serving history practitioners, organizations, and the field remains as strong as ever.  We hope these changes will not only allow us to build the AASLH community by welcoming additional members, but also help us to continue to grow in our ability to provide resources, connections, and leadership to our members and the field.


See the new institutional membership structure here.