Member Deals are great for two reasons. First, they are a new member benefit that AASLH is offering to Institutional Members who are companies or providers – free postings on our website. Second, they are a benefit to other AASLH members (the people working in the museums and organizations you serve) – a true membership discount program. If you are not an Institutional Member, join today so you can start using this program!

Exposure: In addition to being listed and archived in the Member Deals section, recent submissions are featured in the Marketplace Home page and the News and Views Home Page of the website. Deals rotate off as new ones come in, just like an online newspaper.

There are three requirements to be a Member Deal:

  1. You must be a current AASLH Institutional Member
  2. You must offer a minimum discount deal of 25%
  3. Deal runs for one month (you choose the month)

Types of Submissions: These Member Deals are the best of the best. Think GROUPON for AASLH. And remember, this is FREE MARKETING for you as well, so please create exciting and appealing deals for AASLH members. Member Deals must relate to products and items with fixed costs. If you provide services that don’t have fixed costs you might consider submitting to the Emporium Blog.*

As long as you are a current AASLH Institutional Member, you can post deals. It must be a different deal to keep content fresh.

Submissions: Submit your Member Deal by the 10th of the month for the following month (submit by October 10 to run a deal the month of November). Email your Member Deal in a word document to Please make sure you include the following, or your submission can not be accepted:

  1. Company name of member and/or membership number
  2. Deal Title, between 5-20 words
  3. Example: Custom Framework for your Historic Collection
  4. Example: One of a Kind Keepsakes for your Museum Store for Holiday Shopping Season
  5. Amount of Discount, minimum of 25%
  6. Month the deal runs (January 2014, March 2014, etc.)
  7. Full company contact with website, any social media accounts that are applicable
  8. Details of offer: 75 words max, should read like a coupon
  9. Attach one (1) image, required

*Member Deals are subject to approval based on the submission guidelines. Based on the nature of the service you provide, some submissions may be more appropriate for the Emporium Blog. If you don’t meet the requirements, you will have the opportunity to make changes.